Lawn rakers

Thorough removal of moss and thatch.

The Bosch lawn raker is excellent for dealing with moss. With its spring steel tines, it gently combs out moss and thatch or leaves. The innovative “Jet-Collect System” creates a powerful airflow to blast everything into the collection box, therefore preventing annoying blockages.

Bosch - Lawn rakers

The Bosch lawn raker: let your lawn breathe.

To make sure that your garden is always nice to look at, it is worth performing special lawn care. For this reason, you should give your lawn some fresh air in spring and autumn with a special lawn raker. This will ensure that it stays green and healthy even in extremely warm and extremely cold times. Whereas verticutters cut deep into the lawn’s surface to loosen up the ground and prepare it for reseeding, the lawn raker from Bosch works on a shallower level and removes young moss without damaging the plants. It directly sucks up the debris and feeds it safely into the 50 litre large collection box. An aerator visibly prevents lawn diseases and unsightly thinning of the grass. If you care for your lawn with the Bosch ALR 900 lawn raker, then you will have more time to enjoy its healthy, velvety green.

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