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Aquatak Nozzles

Nozzles for Aquatak High-Pressure Washers to tackle even the toughest cleaning tasks.

Bosch - Aquatak Nozzles
Bosch - Aquatak Nozzles

Aquatak Kits

The Bosch Aquatak Kits are perfect for assisting with difficult cleaning tasks by including everything required to get the job done effortlessly. Self-Priming Kit, Deluxe Drainage Kit and Car Wash Kit.

Bosch - Aquatak Kits
Bosch - Aquatak Kits

Aquatak Filters and Adapters

Replacement filters for Bosch High-Pressure Washers. The adapters allow you to use previous Aquatak and competitor accessories with your new Bosch High-Pressure Washer.

Bosch - Aquatak Filters and Adapters
Bosch - Aquatak Filters and Adapters

Aquatak Brushes

The Aquatak Wash Brush from Bosch is perfect for cleaning cars, windows and even garden furniture around your home.

Bosch - Aquatak Brushes
Bosch - Aquatak Brushes

Aquatak Hoses and Drain Cleaners

Make those hard-to-reach areas less hassle with the Bosch Extension Hose for even more flexibility. The drain cleaner helps to clear pipes and drains from blockages.

Bosch - Aquatak Hoses and Drain Cleaners

Aquatak Patio Cleaners

The Aquatak Patio Cleaner range from Bosch means cleaning patios and driveways has never been easier.

Bosch - Aquatak Patio Cleaners
Bosch - Aquatak Patio Cleaners

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