Product adviser for hedgecutters.

The perfect hedgecutter for all hedge types.

Corded or cordless? Long or short blade length? The product adviser helps you to find what you need in the large selection of Bosch hedgecutters. Find the perfect tool for your hedge.


The Bosch product adviser.

Find the right hedgecutter in only three steps.

Hedge height, branch thickness, power source: There are a number of criteria you should consider when purchasing a hedgecutter. Answer the questions in our product adviser – and find the perfect hedgecutter for your hedge in just three steps.


1. Hedge height.

Size matters.

The taller the hedge and shorter the gardener, the more important the length of the blade. Especially in large gardens with a tall hedge it can be a hassle and time-consuming to work on a ladder with a short blade. You will reach the top of the hedge more easily with a long blade, enabling you to work more comfortably and efficiently.

Select the height of your hedge here:
Bosch – Hedge height

2. Branch thickness.

The right tooth spacing.

Branch thickness determines the choice of tooth spacing because the branch has to fit between the teeth. Also, the greater the diameter of the branches, the higher the required power of the hedgecutter. Bosch hedgecutters with larger tooth spacings also have higher power. These more powerful tools are recommended for cutting older hedges as they usually have thicker branches. Hedgecutters with smaller tooth spacings and lower power are sufficient for younger hedges with thinner branches. Our tip: If in doubt, choose the larger tooth spacing – then you will easily be able to cut thicker branches as well.

Select the branch thickness of your hedge here:
Bosch - Up to 16 mm branch thickness.
Up to 16 mm branch thickness.

Ideal for shaping and cutting small and young hedges with thinner branches such as barberry, privet (low), box tree and winterberry.

Bosch - Up to 24 mm branch thickness.
Up to 24 mm branch thickness.

Enough power for pruning and cutting back fully grown hedges. Also cuts thicker branches and hedges with harder types of wood such as mahonia, honeysuckle, privet and blood barberry.

Bosch - From 25 mm branch thickness.
From 25 mm branch thickness.

Ideal for pruning, cutting back and radical cutting. Indispensable for large and old hedges with hard wood such as arbor vitae, cypress, yew, holly, laurel cherry, beech, hornbeam, field maple and copper beech.

3. Cordless or corded.

Cordless freedom or consistent power?

Which tool is suitable for you depends in no small part on the size of your garden.

Cordless tools are more suited to smaller gardens. They are not tied to any one place and are very lightweight – and they also rule out the risk of cutting through a cord. Thanks to Bosch’s advanced battery technology, one charge is enough for up to 75 minutes of work.

Corded tools, on the other hand, ensure maximum power and uninterrupted cutting – even in larger gardens. However, they require a power source – and possibly an extension lead if the socket is not close to the hedge.

Select your preference here:
Bosch – Cordless or corded

Here you will find your Bosch hedgecutter.

Have you assessed the height and branch thickness of your hedge and decided on a cordless or corded tool? Then here you can see the recommendation from the Bosch product adviser as to which Bosch hedgecutters are best suited to your hedge.

  • Cordless hedgecutters
    UniversalHedgePole 18
  • 18 V Power for ALL System
    UniversalChainPole 18
  • Cordless hedgecutters
    AHS 50-20 LI
  • Hedgecutters
    AHS 55-16
  • Hedgecutters
    AHS 45-16
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