Product adviser.

Which high-pressure washer is right for you?

Are you looking for something to clean your barbecue, bicycle or pool with? The Bosch product adviser will quickly tell you which tool is perfect for your requirements.

Our range in detail.

The right tool for every application.

Do you want to quickly clean the garden path? Or remove the muddy traces of your last holiday from your caravan? Whichever it is: Bosch offers you different performance categories of high-pressure washers – for small to large cleaning tasks.

Bosch AQT accessories.

Well equipped for every job.

Whether you just want to clean a few tiles or an entire patio: There are Bosch accessories for every job, making it easier for you to clean with a high-pressure washer.

Hints & tips.

Expert tips for your high-pressure washer.

How do you get rid of moss? Wash your car? And clean tiles? Get the expert tips on how to use high-pressure washers correctly.

Easy setup of a Bosch High-Pressure Washer

Quick and easy to set-up.

Ideal if you want to get started straightaway.

Is it is getting warmer and your garden is waiting for a good clean? Don’t wait any longer, because now, you are always ready: Your Bosch High-Pressure Washer is ready to remove moss quickly, easily and efficiently.

Clean your scooter or bike with the Bosch AQT high-pressure washers

Great versatility.

Effortlessly clean everything.

Do you want to clean your scooter today and the patio tomorrow? No problem. Every cleaning job is done quickly and effortlessly thanks to the wide range of applications and versatile accessories.

Be environmentally friendly with high-pressure washers

Less water consumption.

While protecting the environment.

Save water and costs: Thanks to their lower flow rate, Bosch High-Pressure Washers consume less water than a standard garden hose.

A high-pressure washer that is easy to store

Compact design.

So you don't have to think about storage space.

Easy to transport, easy to store: Once your Bosch High-Pressure Washer has done a great job, it will easily fit back into your garage or storage cupboard thanks to its compact design.


Bosch - A high-pressure washer that is easy to store
How much longer did you want to wait?

Cleaning with a high-pressure washer is not only more easy and efficient, it is also more environmentally friendly than with a garden hose.

Convinced? Then use our product adviser to find out with just a few clicks which Bosch High-Pressure Washer is perfect for you.

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