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AQT accessories.

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Do you want to clean a car, decking or a gutter? Here you will find the matching accessories.

Rain gutter is cleaned using Bosch 90° nozzle

High-pressure washers.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I set up my high-pressure washer?

Step 1: Check the outside of your product box. All new product boxes now have an easy set up guide.

Step 2: Take your product out of the box and check items match the specification you purchased.

Step 3: Assemble product.

Step 4: Connect to water source first and bleed the machine (let all air out of the system by providing it with flowing water).

Step 5: After bleeding the product you can now connect to power.

Step 6: Choose the correct Bosch accessory for your cleaning needs.

What is bar pressure?

Bar pressure is a metric unit of pressure measurement. 1 bar is equivalent to 14.5 psi. In general, the higher the pressure in bar, the faster the cleaning.

Can I use a rainwater tank for the high-pressure washer?

Yes, in two ways: Either fit a tap connector from the rainwater tank tap to the high-pressure washer or submerge the self-priming filter into the rainwater tank and run the pressure washer as normal. See the instruction manual for more information.

How much water does a pressure washer use compared to a normal outside tap?

On average, a household outside tap will use around 1,000 litres of water per hour. Bosch High-Pressure Washers use considerably less water per hour, which can be seen by the flow rate of the product. For example, the AQT 33-11 uses 330 litres of water per hour. Using a Bosch High-Pressure Washer therefore reduces the time taken to clean a specific area, whilst also using less water in doing so.

How do I use the high-pressure foam system?

First, pour your detergent into the high-pressure foam bottle (as advised by detergent manufacturer). This then attaches to your Bosch nozzle. Apply using low pressure according to the instruction manual provided.

How does the patio cleaner work?

Bosch offers a range of patio cleaners to suit your outdoor cleaning requirements.

AquaSurf 280 patio cleaner: Simply attach your existing Bosch gun and lance to the NEW! Bosch lance provided with your patio cleaner. Once set up is complete, your high-efficiency brass nozzles will allow you to easily clean a range of patios and driveways.

AquaSurf 280 multi surface cleaner: Simply attach your existing Bosch gun and lance to the NEW! Bosch lance provided with your multi surface cleaner. Choose the correct nozzles for your machine. The black nozzles are for models AQT 35-12 – AQT 42-13. The grey nozzles are suitable for the AQT 45-14X. Once set up is complete, your high-efficiency brass nozzles will allow you to easily clean a range of patios and driveways. The integrated handles make it suitable for cleaning a wide range of vertical surfaces.

Do Bosch machines have metal pumps?

All Bosch High-Pressure Washers are equipped with metal pumps with aluminium casings and steel pistons.

How long can I use the pressure washer for continuously?

Under normal conditions, the machines can be used for a number of hours. Our testing has been designed to replicate these conditions of use. However, care should be taken in very hot climates to ensure that the machine does not overheat.

What should I do with my machine in the winter?

When storing your machine during winter, the product should be drained completely. Further information can be found in your product instruction manual.

The following steps are advised when cleaning a car with a high-pressure washer:

1. Use a fan jet nozzle to remove dirt and wet the car surface.

2. Apply detergent through use of the high-pressure foam nozzle or Ventri foam system. Additionally, use a brush or cloth to manually agitate dirt.

3. Finally, rise off using the fan jet nozzle.

What is the water filter for?

Even though water sources may appear clean, sometimes it is possible for contaminants to enter the machine, for example through the use of a dirty hose. The filter is designed to prevent this dirt from entering the pump and causing damage to the machine.

Can I lock the gun for continuous jobs?

No. It is a legal requirement that the gun cannot be locked in order to ensure safe use.

Can I use my high-pressure washer on decking?

Yes. However, care should be taken not to use the rotary nozzle or pencil jet as these can potentially damage the surface. A fan jet nozzle or patio cleaner may be of better assistance for you here.

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