Bosch high-pressure washers.

The perfect solution for all your cleaning needs.

Compact, versatile and easy to use: The mobile Bosch high-pressure washers are the ideal solution for home and leisure cleaning tasks.

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Bosch Easy Aquatak.

Make everything nice and clean. Nice and easy.

The Bosch Easy high-pressure washer enables you to get your home and garden clean and cosy with ease.

Bosch Universal Aquatak.

Reduce time and effort – not power.

Do you want to wash your car at home? That’s easy: The versatile Bosch Universal high-pressure washers give the perfect finish, every time. Quick, effortless and reliable.

Bosch Advanced Aquatak.

Great even on tough dirt and grime.

Like an adventure in the mud and the dirt? Bosch Expert high-pressure washers will ensure that you keep hold of the memories, not the dirt!

Enjoy the advantages of Bosch High-Pressure Washers.

Connect and set up AQT high-pressure washers quickly and easily
Quick and easy to set up.

For an effortless start: Accessories are attached through clever on-board storage.

Effective cleaning performance of the high-pressure washers
Effective cleaning performance.

For outstanding results: Powerful and efficient pumps provide maximum pressure.

Water-saving Bosch high-pressure washers

Saves water compared to using a conventional garden hose thanks to lower flow rate and auto-stop system.

Compact and space-saving high-pressure washers
Compact and space-saving.

Problem-free storage. Thanks to their clever design and compact size.

Clean your motorbike with the Bosch Aquatak high-pressure washer

Great versatility.

Discover countless applications.

Learn about the versatile Bosch Aquatak Easy, Aquatak Universal and Aquatak Advanced High-Pressure Washers. Browse the range here and read more about the different types of applications.

Clean your gutter with the Aquatak high-pressure washer

Great versatility.

Home and garden.

The Bosch High-Pressure Washers are suitable for countless applications in the home and garden – from balcony and patio through to fences and garden furniture.

Clean cars and bikes with ease with the Aquatak high-pressure washers

Great versatility.

Cars and bikes.

Keep the memories of your adventure rather than the dirt it produced: Bosch High-Pressure Washers quickly get mountain bikes, offroaders and other bikes looking brand new, quickly and easily.

Clean all surfaces with the Aquatak high-pressure washer and the relevant accessories

Great versatility.

Multiple surfaces.

Be it driveways, paving stones or filigree ceramic with joints: Bosch High-Pressure Washers can cope with any surface thanks to their versatile range of accessories.

Clean your boat with the Aquatak high-pressure washer

Great versatility.

Leisure and hobbies.

Make sure your hobby is good, clean fun: Bosch High-Pressure Washers are also the perfect solution for big cleaning jobs such as mobile homes, boats and swimming pools.

Application tips.

Bosch High-Pressure Washer range.

Technical details at a glance.
  Bosch - High-pressure washer UniversalAquatak 125
  UniversalAquatak 125
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Model UniversalAquatak 125
Max. pressure 125 bar
Max. operating flow rate 360 l/h
Motor power 1500 W
Max. flow temperature 40 °C
Weight without accessories 6.8 kg
Hose length/material 5 m/ PVC
Cable length 5 m
Nozzles and lances –/–
3-in-1 nozzle/90° nozzle ✔/–
Rotary nozzle/Rotary lance –/–
Patio cleaner / Patio cleaner deluxe –/–
High-pressure nozzle for detergents
Hose storage
Pump 3 cylinders
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Bosch High-Pressure Washers and patio cleaners are suitable for many cleaning jobs in the home and garden

Product adviser.

Which high-pressure washer is right for you?

Are you finding it hard to choose the perfect pressure washer for you? Let us help: Use the product adviser to find out with just a few clicks which Bosch High-Pressure Washer is perfect for you.

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