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Replacement blades – Rotak lawnmowers

Sharpened replacement blades for Rotak lawnmowers from Bosch.

Bosch - Replacement blades – Rotak lawnmowers
Bosch - Replacement blades – Rotak lawnmowers

Cable winder – Rotak lawnmowers

Keeps the cable of your electric mower tidy and wound up (for Bosch Rotak 43, Rotak 40, Rotak 37, Rotak 34, Rotak 32 lawnmowers).

Bosch - Cable winder – Rotak lawnmowers

MultiMulch mulching accessory

The mulching accessory from Bosch can be used to feed the nutrients contained in the lawn clippings back into the lawn. So the grass you cut doesn’t just land in the grass box and go to waste. Instead it is guided to the lawn’s roots by the airflow, where it then decomposes into its nutrient components and fertilises the lawn.

Bosch - MultiMulch mulching accessory

Grass boxes – AHM hand mowers

Replacement grass box for AHM hand mowers from Bosch.

Bosch - Grass boxes – AHM hand mowers
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