Put a spring in your step.
Bosch's Spring Top Tips.
Get your tools out and sharpen them up because we have a lot of tips for you to get your garden back in shape!

Put a spring in your step.

Spring is known for the rebirth of nature after what seems to be a very long winter nap. In the run up to Easter, there is no perfect time to start revitalising your garden than now. So get your tools out and sharpen them up because we have a lot of tips for you to get your garden back in shape!

1) Just like you would with your home, it is time to give your garden a spring clean to get rid of all those dead leaves and the debris collected over the winter months. Along with the new growth of plants, you will also have weeds that will have grown during this time, so make sure you remove all those weeds from the roots so they do not grow back.

2) Now to prepare the ground for spring and summer planting. Top dress garden beds with a little mulch, compost or well-seasoned manure to revitalise the soil in no time in preparation for planting. We would recommend that you resist the urge to dig the soil bed as established beds have a complex soil ecosystem which is best left undisturbed. Nutrients added from the top will work their way down into the soil.

3) Now is also the time to get to grips with your perennials, broadleaf evergreens and ornamental grasses. Remove any dead or damaged stems and foliage by pruning, and shape or reduce the overall size if required. Be sure however to only prune spring flowering shrubs after flowering, not before. Plants that bloom in early spring usually produce their flower buds the year before. The buds over-winter on the previous year’s growth and open in spring. If you remove these by pruning too early you will remove the flower buds and the plant will fail to bloom until next year. Deciduous trees and shrubs can be planted until the end of the month.

4) Be sure not to forget your lawn. Growth will be starting in spring so start your lawn mowing in March with a high cut on dry grass if possible in order to stimulate strong growth. As the weather improves into April, lawn growth will improve significantly, and the frequency with which the lawn will require will increase too in all likelihood requiring a weekly mow as May approaches.

5) By March you should be seeing several spring bulbs flowering in your garden as spring begins to take hold. March is the perfect time however to sow those seeds and bulbs that require a longer season, like Lilies and Gladiolus so that they bloom in summer, and more hardy annuals. If you are a vegetable grower, onions, garlic and strawberry plants, amongst others can be planted directly in the ground at this point. Other, less hardy plants, including aubergines, chillies and tomatoes can be sown indoors instead ready to be planted out when the weather improves.

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