Achieve the perfect finish this summer.
Bosch Hedgecutters voted Which? Best Buys.
Bosch are delighted to announce that four of our hedgecutters have achieved Which? Best Buy awards! The Bosch AHS hedgecutters impressed the judging panel by standing up to a range of tough tests and trials.

The Bosch AHS 70-34, AHS 65-34, AHS 50-26 and AHS 54-20 LI all impressed the judging panel by standing up to a range of tough tests and trials. In fact, Which? tested the products on conifer, laurel and privet hedges to ensure the products can get to grips with anything growing in your garden.

A perfectly pruned and maintained hedge provides a real finishing touch to your garden, so finding a quality hedgecutter to perform this task is invaluable, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your garden, rather than working on it!

The Bosch AHS 70-34 was the top rated product by Which? and is perfect for use on tall and wide hedges, thanks to its 70cm cutting blade. This means it can cut through a greater amount of hedge in a single sweep, considerably reducing the time taken to cut larger areas.

The AHS 54-20 LI also achieved a Which? Best Buy as its integrated 36 Volt battery removes the need for cables and gives you the freedom of manoeuvring the tool around your hedge. Plus, where other hedgecutters stop working, the unique ‘Anti-Blocking System’ ensures a continuous cutting performance even when in contact with the toughest of branches, so you can keep going.

For more information on the award winning Bosch hedgecutters range, click the below link.

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