Be a Globetrotter with Bosch
Bosch World Experience 2014
Become one of six Bosch Explorers and travel around the world from July 20th to August 6th. Find out for yourself what we at Bosch mean when we say "Invented for Life".

Bosch World Experience 2014

  • Travel around the world in 16 days to see exciting Bosch projects
  • Report live on location and share cool projects and pioneering technologies
  • All applicants will be eligible to win additional prizes

"Around the world with Bosch in 16 days, a dream come true. Six unique places are waiting to be discovered by you, travel as one of the six Bosch explorers to fantastic places and share your exciting adventure with the world. You will report your experiences on Social Media and working with your team, you will be involved with an international blog based on your exciting experiences and become part of a unique blogumentary. As well as being a Bosch explorer, all applicants are also eligible to win some great prizes!

Discover more on your adventure

Your trip begins in the UK capital visiting an iconic landmark, the Tower Bridge and here you will witness technological achievement by Bosch. Next stop, discover Panama Canal - the place that connects oceans and explore how Bosch has ensured the smooth-running of shipping traffic flows. Your adventure does not stop here, see how Bosch technology can take you to experience tomorrow’s mobitility today in San Francisco and then experience new heights in Shanghai. Stand at over 492 metres above the ground and access the safety of Bosch innovation in one of the world’s leading commerical hubs. Take a trip to the future in Singapore and overlook the home to a pioneering project in which Bosch is researching tomorrow’s urban infrastructure. Find out the last destination your Bosch World Experience will take you on by applying now - we may have a special treat for you.

Win some great prizes

When you apply to be one of our lucky six, you will also be eligble to win some fantastic prizes! You could win two tickets to Fly Around The World as well as Samsung Galaxy® S4 smartphones, Playstation Vita devices and GoPro® Hero 3 cameras. These are all great prizes that can be won by you, just register today! "


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