Autumn tidy up
The perfect way to keep your garden in shape this autumn!
Getting your garden in shape for summer takes time, so don’t let the British Autumn undo all of your hard work!

Autumn tidy up

Getting your garden in shape for summer takes time, so don’t let the British Autumn undo all of your hard work! For the perfect way to keep your garden in shape this autumn, Bosch have a prime range of shredders, leaf blowers and chainsaws that can guarantee this to be achieved with both enjoyment and ease.

AXT Shredders

The AXT range consists of powerful electric shredders, all designed to make clearing your garden a breeze. The AXT 25 TC for example has a ‘Turbine-Cut System’ and an automatic feed that guarantees extremely fast material throughput. Fantastic for shredding a multitude of garden waste for both small and large tasks, just load it up and let it shred!

The AXT 25 TC and 25 D also have large collection boxes that reduce the amount of trips you will need to make to the compost heap. And it’s not just about their capacity, these collection boxes also have a clever safety function so that the shredder can only be operated when the box is in its correct working position.

ALS Leaf Blowers

The Bosch ALS 2500 is a powerful 3-in-1 tool that features two modes; a leaf blower and a garden vacuum function that will help you quickly and easily clear your lawn, patios and driveways from leaves and debris. It also has a unique shredding function to condense waste into a suitable size for composting – in fact 10:1 its original size!

This versatile tool comes with a blower tube, vacuum tube and a large 45 litre collection bag with a zip and secondary handle for easy emptying. Plus for easy storage, the ALS 2500 can be easily disassembled, whilst the tubes can be zipped up into the collection bag to keep everything compact and tidy.

And the ALS range doesn’t stop here, we also offer the ALS 18 volt and ALS 36 volt leaf blowers, both providing cordless freedom for fast and efficient garden clearing.

AKE Chainsaws

Goodbye to fiddly tools, hello to the innovative Bosch SDS system for easy, precise and tool-less assembly and chain tensioning! Our AKE range are all fitted with high quality Oregon chains for a clean, powerful cut. Whilst to overcome your gardens obstacles, our new and improved ergonomic design provides optimum balance for working in any position, whilst the rapid-reaction kick-back brake has been incorporated to increase user safety, so there is less need to worry about “sawing” out of control!

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