Powerful top performance.

The right chainsaw helps with tree care to enable you to enjoy a tidy garden. Bosch offers you an assortment of chainsaws with and without cables.

Bosch - Chainsaws

Cordless tools

Bosch chainsaws: even hard jobs are made easy.

"Electric chainsaws are available in two versions: with and without a battery. Electrically powered motor saws without a battery are connected to the plug socket via a cable, but they are very powerful. Models with a battery, on the other hand, enable you to work effectively and freely in any corner of the garden. They enable you to avoid annoying cable tangles and eliminate the risk of cutting through the cable accidentally. Whichever you choose: an electric chainsaw offers many advantages. It is considerably lighter and more environmentally friendly than the petrol chainsaw. Due to its compact design, the electric chainsaw is ideal for regular sawing in wood and pruning or felling trees. It is a compact powerhouse for effortless and enjoyable gardening."

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