The new Indego models.

Beautiful lawns made easy.

You can now tend to your garden effortlessly. Our new Indego robotic lawnmowers mow the lawn for you – fully automatically, cleanly and quietly, with no need to manually program the calendar, saving you a great deal of time.

Indego Connect now with Voice control

Mowing your lawn has never been so easy ! You can now use Amazon Alexa to control your Indego Connect. Just ask Amazon Alexa to tell Indego to cut, pause or finish. If you are curious, you can also ask Indego where it is or for the cutting schedule…

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Manage remotely from wherever

Perfect lawncare, No matter where you are

Control the Indego with ease: its native app has a user-friendly design, making it easier and quicker to manage the Indego from wherever. Just install the app and communicate with the Indego at the touch of a button

Additional battery mowing time

Even faster and more efficient than before

Indego can run for 45 minutes before it needs to go back to the dock to charge. After 45 minutes of charging it is ready to mow again.

Ideal for small gardens.

The new Indego 350 & 400 Connect.

You never need to mow your lawn again. The new Indego models care for your lawn so that you don’t have to. Simply switch them on – and you can switch off. With their intelligent Logicut navigation system, they cover a lawn area of up to 400 m². Thanks to Connected Technology, you can even operate the Indego 350 Connect and the Indego 400 Connect remotely and easily via an app.

The new functions of the new robotic lawnmowers.

Bosch – AUTO Calendar Function.
AUTO Calendar Function.

How big is the lawn? How long does it take to mow this area? The new Indego models determine the best mowing cycle based on this data – only if you want them to, of course. The cycle is then fixed in the mowing calendar and carried out. Your lawn automatically receives the care it needs.

Bosch – Anti-theft device
Anti-theft device.

If the Indego is removed from its defined mowing area, it locks automatically. It can only be unlocked by entering your personal PIN on the device itself.

Bosch – PIN recovery.
PIN recovery.

Forgotten your PIN? No problem – register your new Indego on MyBosch and take advantage of easy PIN recovery.

Image alt. text Bosch – Indego app for controlling remotely.

Remote control via app.

Perfect lawn care. No matter where you are.

At the office? Or on holiday? You can still easily take care of your lawn: With our app, the Indego Connect models can be controlled easily via a tablet or smartphone. Start and stop at the touch of a button – or enter schedules for mowing.

Connectivity app

Get the app for your mobile device.

Efficient in every way.

Efficient in every way.

Intelligent mowing with Logicut.

Using the intelligent “Logicut” navigation system the Indego calculates an efficient cutting route and mows in clean, parallel lines.

Perfectly adapted to your lawn.

Bosch – Pin protection and alarm system.
Pin protection and alarm system.

The Indego is protected from theft by a PIN code and alarm system.

Bosch – Mulching function.
Mulching function.

The Indego keeps the clippings short, so all that’s left is good mulch, which acts as a great fertilizer, and no raking is needed.

Bosch – Quick blade stop.
Quick blade stop.

When the Indego is lifted, its mowing blades stop immediately.

Bosch – Slope mowing capacity.
Slope mowing capacity.

Easily handles inclines of up to 27%, making Indego the ideal solution for sloping lawns.

Bosch – Obstacle detection bump sensor.
Obstacle detection bump sensor.

The Indego uses a bump sensor to detect obstacles on the lawn to avoid them.

Bosch – Works in most weather conditions.
Works in most weather conditions.

Rain or shine, the Indego mows in most weather conditions.

Bosch – Automatic charging system.
Automatic charging system.

The Indego uses an automatic charging system which allows it to return to the docking station when the battery is low.

Our range. Your lawn.

  • Bosch - Indego S+ 400
    Robotic lawnmowers
    Indego S+ 400
  • Bosch - Docking station
    Robotic lawnmowers
    Docking station
  • Bosch - Indego S+ 350
    Robotic lawnmowers
    Indego S+ 350
  • Bosch - Indego 350
    Robotic lawnmowers
    Indego 350
  • Bosch - Indego 400
    Robotic lawnmowers
    Indego 400
Bosch – Winter service for your Indego.

Simply comfortable.

Winter service for your Indego.

After the season is before the season: Your Indego has cared for your lawn throughout the whole summer. If you care for it in an annual check-up in winter, it will continue to work for you next year.

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