Indego Connect

Lawn care at your fingertips.

The new Indego Connect robotic lawnmower can be controlled from the convenience of your mobile devices. Smart gardening wherever you are.

Bosch -
Bosch -…or a pleasure.

Mowing can be a duty...

…or a pleasure.

The Indego Connect gives you the time to go out and meet your friends.

Bosch -It can be healthy.

Mowing can be a duty…

It can be healthy.

The Indego Connect takes care of your lawn, while you take care of yourself.

Bosch -It can be exciting…

Mowing can be a duty…

It can be exciting…

Have your lawn perfectly mowed, while you have the time of your life.

Bosch -But above all: it can be connected.

Mowing can be a duty…

But above all: it can be connected.

Indego Connect: stay in touch with your lawn at all times and everywhere.

Bosch -Clever connectivity.

Smart technology.

Clever connectivity.

Lawnmowing at your fingertips: Keep your garden in shape with Indego Connect via app on your mobile device and enjoy your time off.

Connectivity app

Get the app for your mobile device.

Bosch -Intelligent mowing with “Logicut”.

Efficient in every way.

Intelligent mowing with “Logicut”.

Using the intelligent “Logicut” navigation system the Indego calculates an efficient cutting route and mows in clean, parallel lines.

Perfectly adapted to your lawn.

Bosch -Pin protection and alarm system.

Pin protection and alarm system.

The Indego is protected from theft by a PIN code and alarm system.

Bosch -Mulching function.

Mulching function.

The Indego keeps the clippings short so all that’s left is good mulch which acts as a great fertilizer and no raking is needed.

Bosch -Quick blade stop.

Quick blade stop.

When the Indego is lifted, its mowing blades stop immediately.

Bosch -Slope mowing capacity.

Slope mowing capacity.

Easily handles inclines of up to 35%, making Indego the ideal solution for sloping lawns.

Perfectly adapted to your lawn.

Bosch -Obstacle detection bump sensor.

Obstacle detection bump sensor.

The Indego uses a bump sensor which enables the mower to detect and avoid obstacles.

Bosch -Working in most weather conditions.

Working in most weather conditions.

Whether rain or shine, the Indego mows in most weather conditions, and with the new smart mowing function, the indego is able to indicate the best time to mow for optimum lawncare - delivering the perfect cut.

Bosch -Automatic charging system.

Automatic charging system.

The Indego uses an automatic charging system which allows it to return to the docking station when the battery is low.

Our range. Your lawn.

Connected technology

Connected technology

Recommended lawn area

  • Bosch -Indego 1000 Connect
    Robotic lawnmower - Connected technology
    Indego 1000 Connect
  • Bosch -Indego
    Robotic lawnmower
  • Bosch -Indego 800
    Robotic lawnmower
    Indego 800
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