Efficient in every way.

Intelligent mowing with “LogiCut”.

Mowing quickly and accurately requires a systematic approach: “LogiCut”. Indego uses the Bosch developed "LogiCut" intelligent navigation system to mow your lawn in an efficient way by mapping and calculating every inch of your garden. No patch will be left uncut or mowed twice. As a result, "LogiCut" is up to 70%* faster than random mowing.

With “LogiCut”
Bosch - Bosch - Indego - With

By mowing systematically and in parallel lines, Indego Connect is not only highly accurate, it is also very energy-efficient and fast - up to 70%* faster than random navigation.

*based on the test conducted under the Bosch lawnmower simulation tool using EGMF performance standard

Without “LogiCut”
Bosch - Bosch - Indego - Without

Lawnmowers operating with a random navigation system are more prone to miss areas on your lawn and leave them uncut. And on top of that, it even takes a lot longer.

Efficiency comes in many shapes and sizes.

So do gardens.

Every garden is unique and requires an efficient mowing solution to save time and energy. This is what Indego and LogiCut are specifically designed to do.

Simple Garden

Simple and fast, the most efficient garden shape!

Bosch - Simple Garden
Sloped Garden

Some gardens are sloped, but slopes of up to 35% are no problem for the Indego.

Bosch - Sloped Garden
Complex Garden

The Indego is able to provide even the most complex of gardens with the perfect cut.

Bosch - Complex Garden
Irregular Garden

Sprawling, irregular gardens are systematically and efficiently managed.

Bosch - Irregular Garden
Large Garden

The Indego can also manage large gardens with a lawn area of up to 1300 m² (depending on the model).

Bosch - Large Garden
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