Bosch Power Tools Privacy Statement

Robert Bosch GmbH Power Tools (referred to below as "Bosch Power Tools" or "we") would like to thank you for using our websites and mobile applications and for your interest in our company and products.

1. Bosch Power Tools respects your privacy

1.1 for us, the protection of your privacy during the processing of personal data and the security of all commercial data are important matters which we take into account in our business processes. We treat personal data collected when you use our websites and mobile applications as confidential and process it solely in accordance with statutory provisions.

1.2 Data protection and information security form an integral part of our company policy.

1.3 From 1st January 2017, Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH will become the new responsible entity in place of Robert Bosch GmbH Power Tools. That is why when requesting your consent regarding the use of your personal data we are indicating in the concerned passages that the consent you declared to Robert Bosch GmbH Power Tools will be transferred to the Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH as an associated company. As part of the transfer process, Robert Bosch GmbH Power Tools will send the processed data to Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH, and the data will be deleted or blocked at Robert Bosch GmbH Power Tools.

Hence, all the following provisions, which refer to Robert Bosch GmbH Power Tools, will apply in the same way to Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH from the date the rights are transferred, which means that from that date the term "Bosch Power Tools" will no longer refer to Robert Bosch GmbH Power Tools but to Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH.

2. Collection and processing of personal data

2.1 Personal data is detailed information concerning the personal or material circumstances of an identified or identifiable individual, for example, names, postal addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, photos or other information about an identified or identifiable person.

2.2 We collect, process and use personal data (including IP addresses) only if there is a legal basis for doing so, or if you have declared your consent to the aforementioned parameters, for example, as part of registration, a survey, a post in a Bosch Power Tools Community, or a competition, or for the purposes of contract performance.

3. Intended purpose

Bosch Power Tools or a service company authorised by Bosch Power Tools uses your personal data for the purposes of technical administration of websites and mobile applications, and for customer management, product surveys and your enquiries to Bosch Power Tools, only to the extent necessary in each case.

4. Transmission of data to third parties

Bosch Power Tools has engaged the services of external providers for functions such as sales and marketing services, contract management, payment processing, programming, data hosting and hotline services. Bosch Power Tools has selected these service providers with care and monitors them on a regular basis, particularly with regard to the careful handling and safeguarding of the data they store. All the service providers are required by Bosch Power Tools to maintain confidentiality and comply with statutory requirements.

5. Use of cookies

5.1 General

Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer. These files are used to determine whether your terminal device has already communicated with our sites. By reading the cookie data we can design our websites to suit you and make them easier for you to use.

5.2 Bosch Power Tools cookies

Bosch Power Tools uses cookies and active components (such as JavaScript) to keep track of visitors’ preferences and optimise the design of the websites accordingly.

5.3 Third-party providers’ cookies

Content and services from other providers (e.g. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter), which may use cookies and active components, are integrated into some Bosch Power Tools websites. Bosch Power Tools has no control over how these providers process personal data.

5.4 Disabling and deleting cookies

Whenever you visit our websites, you are asked in a cookie-layer pop-up whether you want to allow the cookies used on our site or disable them in the settings.

If you decide not to allow cookies, an opt-out cookie is set in your browser. This cookie is used solely to record your objection. However, if you disable cookies some functions of our websites may no longer be available to you. Please be aware that for technical reasons an opt-out cookie can be used only for the browser by which it was set. If you delete the cookies or use a different browser or terminal device, you need to repeat the opt-out procedure.

On the other hand, the settings option does not cover the cookies set by other providers when you visit third-party websites.

However, you can delete all cookies at any time via your browser. Please refer to the help functions in your browser for information. However, if you do delete cookies, some functions may no longer be available to you.

In addition, the following website allows you to manage and deactivate the use of cookies by third-party providers:

This website is not operated by us, and we are therefore not responsible for it and have no control over its content and availability.

6. Use of retargeting tools

6.1 We use retargeting technology to optimise our online marketing and design a more interesting Internet offer for you, tailored to your needs.

6.2 By using cookies, which store information about your interest in our products and services, and by analysing your usage patterns, we can provide you with personalised and interest-based advertising on the websites of our retargeting partners, such as Google AdWords. This is, however, done in anonymised form so that you cannot be identified via retargeting.

6.2 If you do not want Bosch Power Tools and its retargeting partners to use the retargeting cookies in question, please follow the instructions in section 5.4.

7. Use of conversion tracking

7.1 We use the so called conversion Tracking to design our online offers as attractive as possible for our users.

7.2 Within this analysis service our conversion tracking partners such as Google AdWords place a cookie on your computer (“conversion cookie”), given that you reached our website via an ad of the particular partner. Those Cookies expire after 30 days. If you visit specific websites of us and the cookie has not yet expired, us and the particular conversion tracking partner can see, that someone clicked on the ad and because of that has been directed to our website. The cookies cannot be traced back via our website. The information that is collected via the conversion cookie serves to create conversion statistics and to find out the total number of users that has been clicking on the particular ad and that has been directed to a website which has been provided with a conversion tracking tag.

This is, however, done in anonymised form so that you cannot be identified via the conversion tracking.

7.3 If you do not want Bosch Power Tools and its conversion tracking partners to use the conversion cookies in question, please follow the instructions in section 5.4.

8. Use of analysis tools

8.1 Bosch Power Tools measures website access using web analysis tools such as WebTrends.

8.2 When selecting analysis tools, we take care to ensure that they capture access data only in anonymised form so that no link can be established to a user. In particular, this is achieved by anonymising the IP address. Cookies are used for measuring purposes so that website usage can be analysed. In particular, this allows Bosch Power Tools to improve data quality. The information derived on usage of the websites is sent to the statistics server ( operated by Bosch Power Tools in Germany. Only authorised persons are granted access to this anonymised data.

8.3 If you do not want the analysis cookies in question to be used, please follow the instructions in section 5.4.

9. Use of social plug-ins

9.1 On its websites and mobile applications, Bosch Power Tools uses features known as social plug-ins for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. These are buttons such as the Facebook Like button.

9.2 By using what is known as the 2-click method, we prevent your visit to our websites from being recorded and analysed by default by providers of social networks. When you access one of our website pages which contains plug-ins like these, they are initially deactivated. They are activated only when you click the button provided. By activating a plug-in you create the link to the social network in question and give your consent to the transmission of your data. When you click the relevant button, the appropriate information is transmitted directly from your browser to the social network concerned, where it is stored. If you want to put a stop to transmission, you need to deactivate the plug-in again.

9.3 If you are logged into a social network, it can also associate the visit with your account on that network. If you do not want the social network in question to link the data gathered during your visit with your stored membership details, you need to log out of the network in question before clicking the social plug-in button.

9.4 Please refer to the relevant social network’s data protection notice for information about the purpose and scope of the collection, further processing and use of data by the social network, as well as your associated rights and the settings options for protecting your privacy.

10. Use of registration services

10.1 We give you the option of registering on our websites and mobile applications using social logins such as Facebook Connect.

10.2 In order to register, you will be directed to the relevant social network service’s site, where you can sign up using your locally held data. Consequently, your account on the network in question will be linked to our service. When the link is established, given your consent, the information in your public profile held on that network, your e-mail address and the identification tags of your social network-friends will be transmitted to us by the concerned social network service.

Conversely, the social network service used for registration receives your login status, browser information and your IP address, if you declare your consent to this when you visit our website.

10.3 If you do not want data to be transmitted between us and the social network services, you should use our own registration services to sign up instead of those on the social networks.

11. Advertising

11.1 Giving and revoking consent

We use any personal data you give us to inform you about our products and services and, if applicable, to ask you questions about them, provided that you have given us your express consent to use your personal data for advertising purposes. If we use a market research institute to conduct a poll, it will operate solely under contract and in accordance with instructions from Bosch Power Tools.

If you have given us your consent to use the data for advertising, but in the future find that you no longer wish to receive advertising from Bosch Power Tools, you can withdraw your consent in future at any time. Your data will then be deleted accordingly or, if still needed for billing and accounting purposes, blocked.

11.2 Newsletters

Where appropriate, our websites and applications allow you to subscribe to newsletters. For this we use what is known as a double opt-in process, whereby we will send you a newsletter by e-mail, mobile messaging services (e.g. WhatsApp), text messages or push notifications only if you have first of all given us specific confirmation, by clicking a link in a notification, that the newsletter service is to be activated. Should you later decide that you do not want to receive newsletters, you can cancel the subscription at any time by revoking your consent. The revocation of the consent takes place for e-mail newsletter via the link mentioned in the newsletter, via e-mail to the service agent or in the management settings of the respective website. For mobile newsletters the revocation takes places by sending a message saying “stop” to the particular provider.

11.3 Competitions

If you take part in one of Bosch Power Tools’ competitions, we use your data to notify you if you win and for the purpose of advertising our products, if you have given us your consent to do so. You can find detailed information about competitions in the associated terms and conditions of participation, if applicable.

12. Bosch Power Tools Communities

12.1 We give you the opportunity to become a member of one of our Bosch Power Tools Communities (such as the Bob Community, 1-2-do-Community, Dremel DIY Forum). There you can register, create a user profile and communicate with other members. We use the data you generate there only within the scope of your consent you declare at this point for the concerned purposes of marketing, market research and service.

12.2 Via an input mask in the particular community you have the possibility to choose, whether specific information of your user profile is to be published to all the members of the community or only to your “community-friends” or to remain private. All the other data that you generate within the communities, for example by creating comments or images, however is publically available and linked to your user profile.

13. Online-Shops creditworthiness evaluation

To pre-empt payment problems we conduct creditworthiness evaluations. For this we commissioned

Adyen BV

Simon Carmiggeltstraat 6-50

1011 DJ Amsterdam


as payment service provider. This service provider carries out a suitable assessment using mathematical and statistical methods, then supplies us with information regarding the likelihood of payment default. If you choose the method of payment “buy on account” your address will be part of the evaluation process.

Each customer is offered the same methods of payment, the evaluation takes place only after you have placed your order. Should you not agree with the result of the evaluation, you can let us know in writing so that we can reconsider our decision. Furthermore you have a right to information towards the aforementioned service provider regarding the relevant reasons for the decision.

14. Mobile applications

14.1 Use of our mobile applications

In addition to our online offer, we can provide you with mobile applications which you can download to your mobile device. You have the rights specified here for these applications as well. In addition to the data collected on websites, our mobile applications collect further items of personal data which result specifically from the use of a mobile device. However, this happens only if you have given us your consent to do so in each case.

14.2 Collection of your location data

Our offer also includes location-based services, which allow us to provide you with specific offers tailored to your particular location. In order to offer you these functions of the app, we collect your location data via GPS and your IP address, subject to your consent. You can permit or revoke this function at any time using the settings of the app in question or your operating system.

Your location is then transmitted to us at regular intervals, though in each case we use only your last three notified locations and delete any previous location notifications. If location collection is active, this is shown on the status bar of your terminal device.

Your location data is not used to create movement profiles beyond your current location.

14.3 Collection of your Advertising Identifier/Advertising ID

For the purpose of advertising, given your consent, we use for iOS the so called “Advertising Identifier” (IDFA) and for Android the so called “Advertising ID”. These are singular, but non-personalized and not permanent identification numbers for a particular end device, which is provided by iOS or Android. This collected data is not being linked to any other device-related information. We use the identification numbers only to provide you with customized commercials and to evaluate your usage. If you activate the option “no Ad-Tracking” in the iOS settings in “privacy” – “advertising”, or in Android choose the option “opt out of interest-based ads” under “Google Settings” under “ Ads”, we can only conduct the following measures: measurement of your interaction with banners by counting the number of displays of a banner without being clicked on (“frequency capping”), click rate, detection of unique usage (“unique user”) and security measures, anit-fraud and elimination of errors. You can delete the IDFA or the Advertising ID in your device settings at any time (“set back Ad-ID”), then a new identification number will be created, which is not being linked to the previously collected data. We point out that it is possible that you might not be able to use all the functions of our App if you restrict the use of the aforementioned identification number.

14.4 Data transmission to the app store

When a particular application is downloaded, there is no data collection on our part and the transmission of data such as user name, e-mail address and individual device characteristics to the app store is outside our sphere of responsibility. We have no control over such data collection.

15. Use of external links

Bosch Power Tools websites may contain links to websites of third-party providers with which we have no association. After you have clicked the link, we have no further control over the collection, processing and use of any of the personal data (such as IP address or URL of the page containing the link) transmitted to the third party when the link is clicked, since the conduct of third parties is clearly beyond our control. Bosch Power Tools assumes no responsibility for the processing of such personal data by third parties.

16. Security

16.1 Our own staff and the service companies engaged by Bosch Power Tools are sworn to secrecy and obliged to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

16.2 Bosch Power Tools takes all necessary technical and organisational measures as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998 to protect your data, when it is under our management, against manipulation, loss, destruction, access by unauthorised persons and unauthorised disclosure. Our security measures are constantly being improved in line with technological developments.

17. Information and corrections

Users have the right to request information at any time concerning the personal data stored about them. In addition, users can ask for their data to be corrected at any time.

18. Revocation and deletion

18.1 Furthermore, you may, at any time, revoke your consent to the collection, processing and use of your personal data in future.

18.2 Personal data is deleted if you revoke your consent to it being stored, if knowledge of the personal data if no longer required to fulfil the aim pursued by storing it, or if storage is not permissible on other legal grounds.

18.3 Data which is required for billing or accounting purposes, or is subject to statutory retention obligations, is unaffected. But even this data is blocked if access is not required.

19. Contact

For information, corrections, suggestions and complaints regarding the processing of your personal data, and to revoke your consent, please contact our chief officer corporate data security.


Matthias Goebel

Group Data Protection Officer

Bosch Group Information Security and Data Protection (C/ISP)

Robert Bosch GmbH

Kronenstrasse 20

70173 Stuttgart


e-mail address: PT.DSO@BOSCH.COM


Service Hotline

For questions on our After Sales Service:

:0344 7360109

Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 17:00

*Calls to 03 numbers cost the same as 01/02 prefix calls and are included in inclusive minutes and discount schemes in the same way.

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