Cordless hedgecutters.

Powerful with cordless mobility.

The Bosch cordless hedgecutters make work easier for you. They are lightweight, ergonomic and offer freedom of movement without the risk of cutting through a cord.

Bosch – Syneon Chip

The intelligent Syneon Chip – Optimum power and maximum endurance for all tasks.

Bosch – Optimum power. Maximum endurance

Optimum power. Maximum endurance.

Intelligently controlled energy for every project.

The Syneon Chip from Bosch recognises the power requirement for each application. It controls the perfect interaction between lithium-ion battery, powerful motor and robust gearbox. It provides just the right amount of energy required for all your hedgecutting tasks, delivering optimum power and maximum endurance.


Power4All system.

Change the tool, not the battery.

Be it the full power of 18 volt or the compact size of 10.8 volt: In each case, you only need one battery and one charger for your Power4All tools. This saves money and you can add baretools to your Power4All system as required, thus giving you cordless flexibility at all times.

Bosch – Power4All system
Bosch – Smart lithium-ion technology

Smart lithium-ion technology.

More power for all your tools.

Bosch’s lithium-ion batteries impress with their longer runtime, minimal weight and small space requirement. The lithium-ion battery is always ready to use because it suffers no self-discharge and can be recharged at any time – ensuring cordless flexibility.


Easy handling.

Perfect control in every situation.

The cordless hedgecutter with its ergonomic design is easy and flexible to use – for safe and effortless hedge care.

Bosch – Easy handling

Intelligent. Powerful.

The Bosch cutting system.

The new Bosch cordless hedgecutters cut cleanly without interruption – thanks to intelligent technologies.

Bosch - Anti-Blocking System.
Anti-Blocking System.

If a branch is not cut through on the first attempt, the tool changes the running direction of the blades. In this way, the Anti-Blocking System ensures uninterrupted cutting.

Bosch - Sawing function.
Sawing function.

Additional sawing teeth in the front section of the blade easily cut through thicker branches.

Bosch - Quick-Cut Technology.
Quick-Cut Technology.

The new Quick-Cut Technology ensures that twigs and branches are cut first time round.

Bosch cordless hedgecutters.

Technical details at a glance.
Hedge size
Battery voltage
Blade length
Tooth opening
Anti-Blocking System
Quick-Cut Technology
Sawing function
Blade guard
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