ART 23-10,8 LI cordless grass trimmer.

Lawn care made easy. No cords, no line changes.

The lightweight, ergonomic grass trimmer from Bosch uses the robust Durablade cutting system. It ensures uninterrupted cutting – without any need for line changes.

Effortless to use.

The lightest Bosch grass trimmer.

This cordless grass trimmer is versatile and effortless to handle thanks to its ergonomic design, allowing for strain-free use in your garden.

Bosch – Effortless to use
Bosch – Ergonomic handle
Ergonomic handle.

The auxiliary handle provides a comfortable working position to ensure effortless trimming.

Bosch – Integrated plant protector
Integrated plant protector.

For clean, precise trimming around delicate flowers and plants and along flowerbeds and walls.

Bosch – Cordless flexibility
Cordless flexibility.

Puts a stop to tangled cords and restricted movement – allows you to move all over the garden.

Bosch – Easy blade changer
Easy blade changer.

The innovative Durablade is incredibly easy to change. Simply click in a new blade – and carry on working!

Bosch – Durablade cutting system

Durablade cutting system.

Cuts efficiently. Lasts considerably longer.

The innovative Durablade cutting system lasts for up to twelve times longer than previous blades, enabling uninterrupted use without the need for line changes and delivering a perfect cut.

Bosch – Optimum power. Maximum endurance

Optimum power. Maximum endurance.

Intelligently controlled energy for every project.

The innovative Syneon Chip draws only as much energy from the Bosch grass trimmer’s compact 10.8 volt lithium-ion battery as is required for the task at hand. This ensures consistent performance and maximum endurance.

Bosch – Bosch lithium-ion technology
Bosch lithium-ion technology.

Increased runtime, minimal weight and small space requirement – the new Bosch 10.8 volt lithium-ion battery. No more self-discharge, and rechargeable at any time. For cordless flexibility.

Bosch – Fast charging battery
Fast charging battery.

Now with “Ready to go” charge indicator: The Bosch AL 1130 CV quick charger for all 10.8 volt cordless tools. It charges 2.0 Ah batteries to 80% in only 35 minutes and 100% in only 45 minutes.

Bosch – Power4All – One battery for many tools
Power4All – One battery for many tools.

From cordless drill driver through to grass trimmer: Now one battery is all you need for the whole system. Bosch offers the Power4All tool systems for the 10.8 volt and 18 volt categories.

Bosch – Bosch ART 23-10,8 LI

Bosch ART 23-10,8 LI.

Get the perfect cut.

Order quickly and easily online: The latest ART cordless grass trimmer including quick charger and 10.8 volt lithium-ion battery with 2.0 Ah.

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