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ALS 30

The only problem you’ll have is running out of leaves!
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Bosch - Garden vacuum ALS 30
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  • Overview
    • Key product features

      • Effortlessly safe handling: ergonomically shaped handles for better weight distribution and more comfort.
      • Longer working: 10:1 shredding means fewer trips to the compost heap.
      • Easy-to-handle collection bag: easy to fit, easy to empty, made of special moisture-repellent textile material.
      • Powerful performance. Motor power, blower flow rate of 800 m³/h
      • Lightweight. 3.2 kg (blowing function) and 4.4 kg (vacuuming function) for effortless collection of garden foliage
      • Practical 45-litre collection bag. Second handle and zip for easy emptying
      • Adjustable handle and padded shoulder strap. For fatigue-free working without pain in your shoulders or arms
      • Adjustable blower speed of up to 300 km/h for easy sweeping and removal of sticky wet leaves
      • Shredding function. Shreds leaves for better composting at a shredding ratio of 10:1

      Application range

      Universal tools
      Versatility for more.

      Technical key data

      Reduction of leaf quantity 10:1

      Comes complete with

      • Padded shoulder strap
      • 45 l collection bag
      Part number:06008A1100
      EAN code:3165140815161
  • Description
    • Clearing your garden from leaves and waste has become simpler

      The Bosch ALS 30 is garden vacuum and leaf blower in one device.

      The ALS 30 garden vacuum and leaf blower is Bosch's latest innovation in garden clearing tools The ALS 30 makes it easier than ever to remove leaves and other waste thanks to the combined blower and vacuuming action, which makes even the most tedious of gardening chores an effortless and enjoyable experience. This corded garden blower vac provides a versatile and powerful performance by allowing you to blow debris into a pile, then vacuum, shred and compress it inside its collection bag to be disposed of afterwards or used as compost material.

      Effort-free cleaning for neater lawns

      The Bosch ALS 30 blower vac assembled as leaf blower with blower tube.

      The ALS 30 corded garden vacuum and blower is designed to provide users with the most intuitive and comfortable gardening experience. Ideal for removing leaves and other waste from your garden, the ALS 30 gives you more control over your work thanks to its powerful motor which blows and sucks up every type of garden waste. The ALS 30 comes with ergonomic handles that are designed to improve stability and reduce effort while gardening. The garden blower vac can be easily carried around since it is very light and comes with adjustable shoulder straps.

      Perfected for all gardening conditions

      The lightweight Bosch ALS 30 is equipped with a powerful 2500 W motor.

      The ALS 30 garden vacuum and blower is a state-of-the-art gardening technology that provides users with the most advanced Bosch engineering designed to improve the appearance of outdoor spaces and effortlessly remove waste. The ALS 30 is equipped with a 2500 W motor that delivers a blowing speed of up to 300 km/h and a capacious 45-litre waterproof collection bag for vacuuming. The ALS 30 garden vacuum and blower is a lightweight device that weighs only 4.4 kg as vacuum and 3.2 kg as blower. It comes with an adjustable handle and padded shoulder strap to prevent discomfort while working outdoors.

      No gardening chore too big

      Bosch's ALS 30 garden vacuum and blower can be used to handle a wide range of garden refuse, from removing sticky, wet leaves to clearing larger debris that could get in your way. This corded garden blower vac helps you finish your tasks quicker and with better results due to its powerful motor and the ability to reduce the volume of collected material by up to one tenth with the in-built shredder. The ALS 30 garden vacuum can handle very large areas without having to stop and clear the collection bag, saving you a lot of time and effort.

      Garden vacuuming made easy

      The ALS 30 garden vacuum is a high-quality garden clearing tool which allows users to tend to their gardens more effectively and keep them looking at their best. The ALS 30 uses Bosch's latest advances in gardening technology and aims to simplify even the most challenging garden cleaning tasks. Its integrated shredder and 45-litre bag ensure that you can handle big tasks without interruptions, while the motor generates powerful suction that clears stubborn waste. With the press of a button, air flow can be reversed, allowing you to use the ALS 30 as a blower too.

  • Technical data
    • Technical data

      Motor power 3.000 W
      Variable airflow speed 280 - 300 km/h
      Volume flow rate 800 l/s
      Weight (leaf blower) 3,2 kg
      Weight (garden vac) 4,4 kg
      Collection bag 45 l
      Reduction of leaf quantity 10:1
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